Thanks to Anna setting up the Cotswold Food and Farming Festival we now have lots of wonderful foodie friends. There are legions of amazing artisan food producers in the Cotswolds, if you are wondering why you should support them, here a few good reasons!

  1. It tastes better.
    Farmers who sell direct to the consumer do not need to give priority to packaging, shipping and shelf life. Instead they can concentrate on ensuring peak qualities of freshness and taste.
  2. It costs less environmentally (and, often, financially too!)
    Buying locally eliminates the need for fuel consuming transportation.
  3. Help the local economy.
    Farmers selling direct to their customers get the full value of the pound spent.
  4. Maintain the countryside.
    If you enjoy the sight of animals grazing in the fields and watching farmers work the land then you need to support the industry. Use it or lose it!

Click here to see some of our foodie friends.

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