Love My Cow

When the pilgrims went to America, they took cows with them. Even to this day your steak will cost more if it came from a cow descended from those which came over on the Mayflower.

Every day a cow will spend up to 6 hours eating and 8 hours chewing the cud, this is why you don't see them at the local ice-rink, they just don't have time.

Cows stand up and lie down about 14 times a day, they are also good at press-ups and star-jumps.

Cows can detect odours up to 5 miles away, which is why you don't find them in your son's bedroom.

A Hereford bull gives all it's offspring the characteristic and and unique white face. If a cow's face is blue, then it is an Aberdeen Angus, painted in Woad, invading across the border. Hadrian's wall was built to stop this from happening...

Cows drink a bath-tub full of water each day, however they are not keen on bubble-bath, or those little rubber ducks.

Cows can see in colour, so when you next take a walk in the countryside, please ensure that your clothing is colour co-ordinated.

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